A television show with an unknown cast debuts in last place, hangs on for 11 years, and finishes with the second-highest ratings for a final episode in television history: Cheers!

Filmed before a live studio audience on Paramount Stage 25 in Hollywood, California, Cheers brought the world down the stairs of 112 and a half Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts to a dark mahogany and polished brass watering hole filled with characters that would become woven into the tapestry of television history. But it all started with a pilot.

In this JUMBO-sized episode, Gretchen and James dissect the Cheers pilot while drinking a Commonwealth Big Papi DIPA. Highlights from this episode include:
  • The mis-pronunciation of Ken Levine's last name
  • We rename "The Good Place" to "The Good Life" even though we watched every episode
  • James tries to explain to Gretchen what a "Mentat" is
  • and "Andre" is the worst brand of champagne
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