The Worst of Who's Piloting this Podcast?

As COVID life closed out, Gretchen and James sat together to do a 2020 year-end retrospective and talk through the best moments of a year in podcasting, but accidentally discover that the whole podcast stinks. Here it is, a one year look at the worst episodes of Who's Piloting this Podcast. (The secret is that it's all of them)

2020. It was the worst of times and also the worst of times. Like many others out there, Gretchen and James decided it would be a good idea to start a podcast about something no one cares about so that no one would listen to us. Several beers later, they produced 13 episodes of miserable content to the delight of our three regular listeners. Here we have a full retrospective of our first year where we share the hardships, failures, and all the lack of talent that we poured into each episode. 

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